The top 10 Beaches in the world to go with your “kini” from Blake Dumont

October 01, 2019

The top 10 Beaches in the world to go with your “kini” from Blake Dumont

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful escape from your hectic routine or you’re a travel enthusiast, beaches provide you with the best go-to summer destinations because of the numerous activities available there as well as the incredibly calming atmosphere of beaches. To help you figure out your beach destination this summer, we’ve gathered a list of the top 10 beaches in the world where you can show off your summer body in your bikini.


  1. Manly Beach, Australia

Like the name suggests, this beach is filled with athletic and sexy bodies in bikinis. It’s the perfect way to cool off in this summer heat. There are plenty of diverse dining options near the beach, making it an ideal destination for food enthusiasts.

Manly Beach, Australia  

  1. Ipanema Beach, Brazil

You’ll see lots of bikinis here and therefore, this is the perfect place to show off your own! The beach is absolutely splendid, both in looks and in the facilities available.

Ipanema Beach, Brazil 

  1. Miami Beach

This serves not only as a beach but as an entire city in itself, which is connected to the main Miami. You’ll be able to show off your summer body here in your bikini in its full glory!

 Miami Beach

  1. Copacabana Beach, Brazil

This beach is one of the sexiest beaches in the world. It is lined with stunning palm trees that will take your breath away and give you the most relaxing time ever.

Copacabana Beach, Brazil 

  1. Patong Beach, Thailand

The nightlife surrounding this beach is incredibly active and if you’re looking for a beach where you can party and rock your bikini, then this is it!

Patong Beach, Thailand 

  1. Lover’s Beach, Mexico

This beach is truly what the name suggests. It is often populated by young couples celebrating their wedding and starting a new phase of their lives.

Lover’s Beach, Mexico 

  1. Paradise Beach, Greece

This is exactly what its name suggests, paradise! The beach is extremely beautiful and the people are incredibly friendly. This is an ideal bikini destination!

Paradise Beach, Greece 

  1. Tahiti Beach, France

This beach is beautiful and a stunning representation of what France represents. Beauty, fashion, cuisine and drinks, everything can be found in and around the beach.

Tahiti Beach, France 

  1. Kite Beach, Dominican Republic

Show off your bikini while flying a kite on this stunning beach.

Kite Beach, Dominican Republic 

  1. Glass Beach, Hawaii

The pebbles lining the beach are an incredible sight! They look like glass!

 Glass Beach, Hawaii

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bikini from and book a trip to one of these beaches!

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